What to Expect from BOTOX?

Botox Treatment can seem a little scary at first to new patients. You are unsure what the treatment is going to be like and you may be unsure of what to expect from the results. Dr. Won and his staff focus on making sure that all patients are fully informed for each procedure they do with us. We want to take the time and answer all your questions thoroughly.

Noticeable results – Most patients will start to notice results within 24-48hrs of their appointment. You can expect to see a correction of the moderate frown lines and wrinkles on the face. Most patients report that the injection of botox feels like a pinch.

The actual injection only takes about 10 minutes. Dr. Won’s staff will schedule a full minute appointment to make sure we have time to discuss your skincare concerns and develop a plan. We also go over any skincare related questions such as skincare product use.

Look like yourself but with less frown lines and crows feet wrinkles. You will not lose the ability to smile or make facial expressions. You will not look plastic, fake, or over-done. The results of your procedure are dependent on the skill of the injector. So do your research and make sure you are going to a office with an allergan certified provider that is educated on facial anatomy.

Return to your routine immediately – With botox injections there is no downtime or recovery time. Some of my patients will even pop into the office on there lunch break to get botox and then head straight back to work. There are a few precautions such as not to touch or massage the treated area, that your injector will discuss with you be leaving. All patients are able to return to normal routine and activities immediately after leaving the office.